At 13, while playing basketball with friends in his front yard, Amen Alyasiry’s life was forever changed. Amen was struck by a stray bullet, suffering a gunshot wound to his spinal cord. He was told he would be paralyzed for the rest of his life, however, he refused to accept his fate and instead grasped on the potential he had. Seven years later, Amen walks with the assistance of a leg brace and cane.

“I came out of this extremely challenging experience with high aspirations. It taught me to strive for greatness and seize every opportunity that is afforded to me because that opportunity can be taken in a blink of an eye,” says Amen.

Amen has loved the game of basketball since he was five. He was introduced to wheelchair basketball during his first hospital stay. Amen immediately fell in love! When Amen learned of wheelchair basketball it provided him with hope at being able to participate in an organized form of basketball, even after his injury. This rekindled Amen’s love for sports and got him working harder than he ever had before.

Amen’s been a member of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) for three years. He’s played for the Detroit Diehards in Division II of the NWBA from 2015-2017 and is currently competing in Division I of the NWBA at The University of Arizona.

Amen is a Junior at The University of Arizona where he studies electrical engineering and plays for the school’s wheelchair basketball team.

“In every player, there is a fire burning, a need, a desire, an everlasting itch to be nothing less than great. Perspective has given me a sense of gratitude that I will forever cherish, and I intend to continue to learn from everybody involved in my journey,” states Amen.

In every play­er, there is a fire burn­ing, a need, a desire, an ever­last­ing itch to be noth­ing less than great. Per­spec­tive has giv­en me a sense of grat­i­tude that I will for­ev­er cher­ish, and I intend to con­tin­ue to learn from every­body involved in my jour­ney,” states Amen.